ITW Member Spotlight Monday

Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature on the ITW website called “ITW Member Spotlight Monday”, where each week we will be spotlighting one of our ITW members.

We hope you enjoy!


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Today’s spotlight is ITW author Dr. Gary Aumiller



DR. GARY AUMILLER has appeared on over 140 talk shows as a police and forensic psychologist and author, has written over seventy articles on a variety of topics that have been published in both civilian and police publications, and is the author of a 1995 best-selling book called Keeping It Simple: Sorting Out What Really Matters In You Life. His second book was with Penguin/Putnam Imprint Plume, RED FLAGS!! How to Know When You’re Dating a Loser, which teaches criminal profiling to women to avoid dating relationship losers. His third book, Walk Like a Chameleon: Use Your Animal Instincts to Control Your Relationships and Your Life, was released in 2001 and teaches the animal instincts in our lives. His books are published in 14 countries in 9 languages.
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