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  • timbaker Hi everyone, I'm an Australian writer happily held hostage on the French Riviera. There are worse fates. Looking forward to hooking up with some of you in the months ahead. I'll be working for Screen Australia at the Cannes Film Festival in May and will also be at CrimeFest in Bristol, so if you happen to see me, please do say hello...
    March 19, 2016
  • johnfrusso I am pleased to be part of this wonderful group of talented people. At the moment, I am an indie published author. My thriller/adventure series starts with Tabula Rasa. My heroine, Angela Fournier continues through my next novel, Darkness After Midnight and to the third in the series, Compromised Interests, which is set to be released in a couple of weeks. I look forward to meeting and becoming friends with many of you. Don't be afraid to drop a line and say hi. I am on facebook at John F Russo Author, and my novels can be viewed on Amazon and Kindle. Have a great day
    March 2
  • PennyJM Oh, heavens. The profile address said it has to be alphanumeric. I tried to change it to my name and it won't go. Then, I need some sort of token to post a picture. Help?
    October 30
  • ShannonDelany Glad to be here--looking forward to learning more about the craft and getting some more writing done! :)
    November 10
  • DonnaWarner Looking forward to meeting other ITW members at Toronto's Bouchercon 2017 World Mystery Conference.  I'll be at the Crime Writers of Canada table at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.  Drop by and say hello.
    October 10
  • alexlettau   For a chance to win one of two signed copies of my infectious disease thriller "Yellow Death" go to the Neverending Book Giveaway section of The Big Thrill to link to the contest. You will only need to leave a short comment to enter. For more info, check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
    October 11