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  • kevinwschick First day back from ThrillerFest 2017 and I am stoked!
    July 17
  • Lissa Price I'll be one of the authors listening to your pre-pitches at Practice Pitchfest on Thursday 12:15-1:45pm 2017. I've pitched and it worked for me, and I teach it now. So come and get my help. I'll answer questions about the pitching process and listen to your pitch, so you can pitch to the agents feeling confident. I can listen to any genre from YA to adult thrillers, to memoirs and non-fiction. 
    July 10
  • JeffShear A successful Indie writer I know just told me her key to success -- promotion! promotion! promotion! My first thought was about the realtor's chestnut: location, location, location. Now, if only someone could tell me the best location for my promotions...  
    July 5
  • geoffreywells Hi members: Just thought I'd share my landing page (from Leadpages) that new Twitter followers are being sent to from my welcome tweet card: It's resulting in over 400 downloads through Bookfunnel--in a week. Something's working...
    July 6
  • TomBreen Pegasus released my second novel, THE DEVICE TRIAL, in July 2016.  Since then, I was fortunate to receive two awards that I have now attached to the Book's front cover. In May 2017, I was recognized as a WINNER by the National Indie Excellence Awards for a Legal Thriller.  Also, the Beverly Hills Book Awards awarded the book a "Finalist" in the crime-fiction category.  Lastly, as noted on the back cover, Five Stars were received from the Manhattan Book Review.  I am humbled by all this and would like to thank those that took the time to give the story a chance.  Tom Breen, July 5, 2017 
    July 5
  • heathergudenkauf Hello all ~ I'm so excited to join you as part of ITW ~ I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you!
    June 30