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  • urinorwich It is an honor and a privilege to be admitted into ITW organization. I hope to help promote goals established by the founders. I also hope to promote a realistic aspect of this Genre to help our readers in connecting to our current reality.
    May 14
  • Lisa von Biela Whew--good thing I checked my profile.  The bio was way out of date--only had my debut novel listed.  Much has happened since then...
    May 6
  • jcfields J.C. Fields, latest book, The Imposter's Trail, was recently named Best Mystery/Thriller at the Ozarks Indie Book Fest. 
    December 1, 2017
  • BlunderWomanProductions I'm looking for a good mystery/thriller book or series to produce in audio. If you own your audio rights (or you want your agent/publisher to submit something) please reach out. You can also fill out this form:  We're an Audie winning (and nominated this year too) indie company that works with terrific narrators. 
    March 15