Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost and what do I get?

The cost is $495.00, and you get seven weeks of instruction from seven of the top thriller writers in the business today.

What do I need to participate?

Online access is required. You’ll also need a Facebook account (which is free if you don’t already have one), along with the desire to learn from seven bestselling thriller authors!

Do I need to attend every single day?

No, you don’t need to attend everyday. One of the many benefits of the Online Thriller School is that you will be able to attend and participate at your leisure, and around your schedule. At ITW we know you’re busy with family, work and life in general, and the flexibility of an online class like this is one of the many reasons we’re so excited to continue ITW’s Online Thriller School. However, please note, the instructors will only be available for the online Q&A during the week that they are scheduled. If possible, you’ll want to attend the Live video that each instructor will create on Monday of their week. But, if you cannot attend the live video it will be available all week for you to watch. In fact, the videos will be available for the entire 7 week class, and you’ll have access to them for approximately 6 months afterward.

What if I can’t attend all seven weeks?

No problem, attendance for all seven weeks is not mandatory. If you are unable to attend each week you will still be able to view the videos and review the questions that were asked. If you are unable to attend an entire week you won’t be able to ask questions of that week’s instructor, as each instructor is only scheduled for one week, but you will be able to review the Q&A from the other students and that week’s instructor.

I live outside of the U.S. Can I still attend?

Yes! One of the reasons ITW is running an online class is so that more people can participate both inside and outside the US. We find it’s often difficult for people to travel to Manhattan in July to take part in ThrillerFest and CraftFest, so the online Thriller School is a great way for people to get the same level of instruction, but in a much more convenient way. The class is also spread out over seven weeks (seven instructors, with one teaching a different topic each week), which makes it easy for people to participate at night, mornings and around their work schedules. Your timezone should not be a problem at all, since the instructional videos can be listened to and reviewed at your leisure. The online Q&A with each instructor will run all week, so there will be plenty of time to ask questions and have your questions answered.

Can this be considered a substitute for CraftFest in Manhattan this July?

No. Nothing can really compare to meeting and learning from ITW’s author instructors in person at our annual CraftFest event. However, ITW’s Online ThrillerSchool has advantages, as well. For instance, it’s much longer (seven weeks vs. one day), there are different instructors, and the pace is much more relaxed allowing you to participate around your schedule. Think of the Online ThrillerSchool as an addition to ITW’s annual ThrillerFest and CraftFest events. Click here to learn more about CraftFest.

Do I have to have online/internet access to participate?

Yes, you will need to have online access and a valid Facebook account to participate.

What’s a Facebook Live video?

Great question! A Facebook Live video is a convenient way for anyone to create and broadcast a live video in just a matter of minutes. You’ll be invited to the Online Thriller School “Secret” Facebook group, where only you, the instructors, and the other students who are registered will have access to the instructor’s videos.

Is the Online Thriller School Facebook group private?

Yes. We are using a “Secret” Facebook group for the online course, that is by invite only. The only people being invited are the instructors, administrators and registered students.

What if I’m not very technical?

No problem! As long as you have access to email, the Internet, and Facebook, we can help you participate in the class. ITW’s Website Administrator, Christopher Graham, will be available by email and phone (732-267-6449) to help you with any technical issues and even to walk you through connecting to the weekly video and discussion.

Will I be able to participate on my smartphone and/or tablet?

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, we recommend you use whatever device you are most comfortable with when viewing Facebook.

What is ITW? How can I join?

ITW, the International Thriller Writers, is the premier organization for thriller writers. It is an honorary society of authors, both fiction and nonfiction, who write books broadly classified as “thrillers.” This would include (but isn’t limited to) such subjects as murder mystery, detective, suspense, horror, supernatural, action, espionage, true crime, war, adventure, and myriad similar subject areas. READ MORE

Interested in joining? Just click on the following link: HOW TO JOIN ITW

What if I have more questions, or if my questions have not been answered?

No problem! Just reach out to ITW’s Website Administrator, Christopher Graham, by email, phone (732-267-6449) or by using the CONTACT FORM on this website.