Brown University Thriller Writers Archives

Brown University Library and the International Thriller Writers, Inc. are collaborating to identify, acquire, preserve, promote and make accessible for scholarly research ITW’s organizational records that have long-term research potential and the personal and professional papers of selected authors who are members of ITW. Together, ITW and Brown are developing a Thriller Writers Archive to join the Brown University Library’s Special Collections.

“ITW was founded in large part to carve out a unique identity for the Thriller genre,” writes ITW’s Jon Land, “and what better way to serve that mission that than to establish the first ever dedicated Thriller Archive at Brown University’s esteemed John Hay Library. Doing so will further ITW’s footprint and legitimacy, enabling us to better and more fully serve our membership and the genre as a whole. Because what’s good for Thrillers in general is good for the organization and the members who make us what we are in particular.  A big step in the right direction, but just one of many.”

You can read more about the gala kickoff event on Brown University’s website.