Bourne Morris

Professional area of experience: university teaching, media ethics, journalism, advertising history

State/Country in which you practice:Nevada

Donald W. Marshall

Professional area(s) of experience: Litigation.   Retired Colorado District Court Judge

State/Country in which you practice (if applicable):  Colorado/USA

Accreditation/degree/experience (internal use only): J.D. 1972, practiced law since 1972.  District Court Judge  1988-2017

LS (Lisa) Hawker


​ Small-market radio, major-market radio, radio automation programming, public relations, publicity, web design, WordPress, podcasting, video production, live television interviews, social media marketing, sheep ranching, livestock publications : Colorado, Kansas, Missouri​

Autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, clinical depression, post-partum depression, transgenderism, social contagion, drug addiction, ​popular music (music collection of 150,000 songs, 3000 albums, 1920s-present), Disney World, Kansas tourism, alpine skiing.


J. Todd Scott




Federal Law Enforcement; International Money Laundering; Mexican Drug Cartels; Current US drug-related issues, policy, and policing. Federal agent with the DEA, working undercover and leading cases targeting gangs, international maritime smuggling, domestic meth labs, and Mexican cartels. Oversees Task force officers, and hundreds of high-profile drug investigations spanning the globe.  The border in both Arizona and Texas. Law degree and Member of the Virginia BAR.

Mark Spivak

Wine, spirits, food, restaurants and culinary travel, Florida, Sommelier