Kim Alexander

Professional area of experience: radio broadcasting: DJ, traffic reporter, talk show host

State in which you practice: Florida, Washington DC (Satellite Radio–international) 

traffic reporter (including fixed wing and helicopter flight) music DJ, working with vinyl, CD, and automation; talk show host/producer/interviewer.

Interviews, including pointers on microphone technique, Asthma.

Joyce Tremel

Professional area of experience: Former police secretary

State/Country in which you practice: PA
Beer, Brewing, Brewing Process, World War II Era, 1940s, Taekwondo,


Nadine Nettmann

Professional area of experience: Wine

Sommelier, Wine, Guitar


Kimberley Howe (Pen name K. J. Howe)

Name:  K.J. Howe
Facebook:  KJ Howe
Professional area of experience:  Former medical writer, Kidnap and ransom subject matter expert
Ontario, Canada

Cheryl L. Steimle (Pen name: Cheryl Hollon)

Professional area of experience:  Flight Simulation Engineering, Large military contract Program Management, Early (mid ’70s) Software Programming (FORTRAN, Ada, PASCAL).

State in which you practice:  Florida

Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Oil Painting, Multiple Small Businesses Owned by family members.