iBooks Opportunity for ITW Members

ibooks_smalliBooks is launching a ‘First in a Series Free’ Mysteries & Thrillers promotion in November and is looking for title nominations.

Here are the details:

  • Will need the following information (author, title, release date, iBooks link, M&T subcategory)
  • Rights required in the following countries: US/CAN/AU/NZ
  • First book in the series would need to be downpriced to free from 11/4-11/18 (or permafree)
  • Titles can come from anywhere (direct accounts, aggregators/distributers, publishers), as long as the above criteria are met
  • Nominations due 10/28
  • Titles to be included will be confirmed the week before the start of the promo
  • Please don’t pre-announce or share the details of the feature; we want to be able to surprise our customers

Please use the following form for nominations.