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Today’s Spotlight is author Rob Sangster





Chased by a Cape Buffalo in Botswana and then by a corrupt governor in Tennessee. Abducted by a black market money changer in Mombasa. Spent one New Years Eve in Paradise Bay, Antarctica; another in the Himalayas. Is this from the plot of a novel? Nope. It’s Rob Sangster’s life.

And throw in swimming with Humpback whales, spending the night on top of a Mayan temple in Tikal, Guatemala, and traveling in seven continents and more than 100 countries – all of which were more important to him than earning the last possible dollar. And that attitude led inevitably to . . . becoming a writer.

During years of international travel, Rob started with non-fiction, his acclaimed “Traveler’s Tool Kit: How to Travel Absolutely Anywhere.” He then developed a yen to try writing fiction, and quickly discovered that about the only useful skill he brought from non-fiction was spelling. Ground Truth, his first effort, will soon be followed by an adventure with a wildly different plot featuring three of the same key players.

Now living half of each year on the coast of Nova Scotia, his curiosity about the far corners of the world remains undiminished, but he’s hooked on fiction.


– Traveler’s Tool Kit: How to Travel Absolutely Anywhere, now in its Third Edition, was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection.

– Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico & Central America (2008) won a national award.

– He wrote a weekly newspaper column titled On the Road Again and wrote and delivered weekly essays on public radio. He’s written regularly for various national travel-related publications and was Travel Editor for GORP, a large adventure travel web site (

Education: BA from Stanford University, MA at the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and JD from Stanford Law School. He was admitted to practice in California and before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Work: Disguised in a three piece suit, he practiced law for a several years and then administered national subsidized housing programs from Washington, DC. He returned to the private sector to develop multi-family and single-family housing for lower income persons. During those years, he served on a number of Boards, including three shelters for the homeless.

As sidelines, he also operated three restaurants, started a non-profit foundation that donated equipment to disinfect contaminated water in less-developed countries, and took 30,000 photographs.



Ground Truth


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