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Today’s Spotlight is ITW member Rebecca Drake





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I was born in New York City and moved to Indiana, Ohio, back to Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I was the always the new kid at school, attending nine schools in 12 years including four different high schools.

Wherever we moved, one thing was a constant—we always lived near a library. Books were the friends that never said goodbye and great companions on long, dusty U-Haul trips from one town to the next. Each new apartment or house became home once the books were unpacked.

I was a petty thief as a child, a skilled liar, a card cheat and a Girl Scout. My siblings and I weren’t allowed to watch TV, listen to anything but classical music, or eat junk food so of course we did all three in spades.

After high school, I attended two small colleges before graduating from Penn State with a degree in Journalism. I married and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but the wanderlust has remained. I’ve traveled to countries I read about as a child–the Cook Islands, Egypt, China, and Turkey among others. I’ve also had the good fortune to live for a time in Qatar, a country I came to regard as a second home.

Like many writers, I’ve had an assortment of jobs that paid the rent and kept me in postage for the next submission: Reporter, technical writer, freelance copywriter and editor among others. In addition to parenting two delightful and demanding children, my resume has recently included becoming an adjunct instructor for Seton Hill University’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction.

As a teenager, staying up late devouring the latest Stephen King novel, I used to wonder what it was like to be married to him—did his wife sleep uneasily, one hand poised to dial 911? It occurred to me recently that this is what my husband and all crime writers’ spouses might be doing.

I can’t speak for other writers, but I’ve always been fascinated by the dark side, by the potential for evil that lurks in all of us, by what triggers seemingly average people to commit brutal and heinous acts against other human beings.

For me, it always comes back to the matter of choice. In all my writing I’m interested in exploring those turning points in our lives that make us the people we are and sometimes, for better or worse, the people we never thought we’d be.



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