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Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature on the ITW website called “ITW Member Spotlight Monday”, where each week we will be spotlighting one of our ITW members.

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Today’s spotlight is ITW author Dr. Gary Aumiller



DR. GARY AUMILLER has appeared on over 140 talk shows as a police and forensic psychologist and author, has written over seventy articles on a variety of topics that have been published in both civilian and police publications, and is the author of a 1995 best-selling book called Keeping It Simple: Sorting Out What Really Matters In You Life. His second book was with Penguin/Putnam Imprint Plume, RED FLAGS!! How to Know When You’re Dating a Loser, which teaches criminal profiling to women to avoid dating relationship losers. His third book, Walk Like a Chameleon: Use Your Animal Instincts to Control Your Relationships and Your Life, was released in 2001 and teaches the animal instincts in our lives. His books are published in 14 countries in 9 languages.

He is twice past President and current Executive Director of the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology. He has been chosen as the American Representative to the International Law Enforcement and Criminalistics Academy in Rome, Italy. Dr. Aumiller has spoken and consulted at over 400 corporations, hospitals, conventions, colleges, and police organizations around the world, and was a regular guest lecturer at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Among his consulting arrangements in the past are the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, DEA, various Italian Police agencies, and the Singapore Police Department. He has been a psychological consultant to the staff of numerous electronic and print media including the New York Times, CNN, NBC News, CNBC, Court TV, Dateline NBC, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, the Associated Press, Reuters News Service, and a number of monthly magazines. He has worked in crisis and terrorist situations across the US, both Trade Tower Bombings, the African Embassy Bombings, TWA Flight 800, Postal Shootings in NY and Boston Area, and he worked for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica.

Dr. Aumiller was named the prestigious Premio Psyche Award winner in 2004 in the field of Italian psychology. He has co-written the base articles establishing the proficiencies in police psychology, has gotten police psychology recognized by the American Psychological Association as a specialty, has set up the first education programs in the profession, and is one of the founders of the International Summit in police psychology. Outside the field of psychology, Dr. Aumiller has acted as a consultant on three police movies, and even played a leading role of a serial killer in a movie by Columbia Pictures, for which he won a best supporting actor award in a national film festival. Prior to his police psychology career, Dr. Aumiller performed as a stage actor in professional stage and theatrical touring companies, and performed in the NY City, Washington and Chicago opera companies. His performance experience comes through in his presentations to make them both lively and interesting.

Dr. Aumiller was born and raised in Maryland, went to college at the University of Notre Dame, and went to graduate school at Hofstra University. He co-owns a clinic that serves law enforcement and federal agents in the New York area. He supervises 9 therapists and over 300 sessions a week. He is working on a novel series with a police psychologist as the main protagonist using a variety of police psychology techniques intends to reach out to readers to give them the real crime/thriller feel in a work of fiction. He has also written a children’s book called My Dad’s Hero…My Dad’s a Cop.



Keeping it Simple: Sorting out what really matters in your life 

The book was originally published by ADAMS Publishing in 1995. It has become a standard for people in high stress occupations such as police officers and corporate America. It follows the life of one patient through 25 sessions with a therapist. The patient presents a myriad of problems centering on the fact that he has made his life too complicated. The patient and the therapist work on decomplicating his life and thus making him more happy and alive. They go through four areas of complications, possessions, thoughts, relationships and spirituality. This is non-fiction written as fiction. The book was the feature book of 6 years of speaking tours where Dr. Gary Aumiller told the world how to go about simplifying their life.


Red Flags! How to know when you’re dating a loser

A 1999 blockbuster that still is one of the big selling dating books in bookstores. Dr. Aumiller and Goldfarb decided to apply the techniques used in criminal profiling to find “dating criminals” or people that are just not serious about relationships. But beyond dating advice, Aumiller and Goldfarb tell girls how to look for the more subtle signs of how to spot dangerous men who strip them of their self-esteem and abuse them in relationships. Additionally, advice is given on how to lose a lover without any stalking or minimizing the misery for both. This is all done in a funny tone with a sarcastic tone that makes it a pleasure to read. This book is for young girls and older women alike, abut also for father who don’t want to see their daughter with another LOSER.


Walk Like a Chameleon: Use Your Animal Instincts to Improve Your Relationships and Your Life 

Ever wonder why some people run toward danger and others run away from it? Ever wonder why some people are ultra-organized and others are great at impromptu acts? Ever wonder why some people like to hide their head in relationships and others want the world to see them? Ever wonder which one you are? This book tells us that we are all subject to Animal Instincts and that they control what we do, the challenges we take on, and who we should end up in a relationship with for life. Animal Instincts are perhaps the most important factor in controlling our lives, but as humans, we often overlook them. Learn about your Animal Instincts and you will find better self understanding and a easier life in the process.


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