Thriller Awards FAQs

Thriller Awards FAQs

How do I submit my book for the Thriller Awards?  Scroll down to the submission below the FAQ.

Can I submit more than one book?  Yes. All books must be published between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

Is there a category for nonfiction?  No.  Currently there is no category for nonfiction.

What if my book was published in another country prior to 2011? Any previously published work is ineligible.

My novel is releasing in December and I won’t have copies before the deadline.  Can I send ARCs or a manuscript?  Yes.

Do publishers and agents automatically enter any book on their list that qualifies?  No. It is the author’s responsibility to contact their publisher or publicist to specifically request that they submit the book in the contest.

My novel was published in a foreign language.  Can I still submit it?  No. This contest is open only to books printed in English.

What criteria are entries judged on?  Judges consider all aspects when reading an entry such as character, plot, goal, motivation, and conflict. The first and foremost criteria, however, is whether or not the book is a thriller and does it THRILL.

Who judges the entries?  Members of ITW. Each year, the Awards Chair reaches out to the ITW community and requests their participation in the contest.  We are honored that so many writers find the opportunity to participate as judges. If you are interested in becoming a judge in future years, please email the Awards Chair.

I previously published in a different genre.  Can I enter my first thriller novel in the First Novel category?  No. Any author who has previously published (even nonfiction) is disqualified from the First Novel category.

Can I enter my e-pubbed thriller novel?  No. Only works that have been published in print qualify. However, we do offer the judges the opportunity to receive their entries via ebook should the printed version be available in that media.

What happens if one of the judges does not receive my book?  The book will be disqualified. It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to make certain each book is received by the judges no later than December 1, 2011.

How will I know if my book makes it to the second round?  The second round entrants are notified via email no later than January 31st. If you do not receive notification by January 31, 2011, then your book has not made it to the second round.

May I contact the judges after the contest for their opinion of my work?  It is highly inappropriate for any entrant to discuss their work with the judges.  The judges sacrifice an immense amount of time on behalf of this contest, and any challenge or direct contact (either via email or in person) from an entrant is considered extremely unprofessional.

Do I really have to send my international packages via Federal Express or UPS?  While we recognize that the cost is higher via Federal Express or UPS, it is the only manner to insure that your work reaches those judges in a timely manner.

Why use judges who live outside the United States?  This is an international organization. And, as such, our international members are an integral part of ITW.