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  • JECooper2017
    JECooper2017 Heading for ThrillerFest (and Master CraftFest) this summer! Will ITW ever have activities on the West coast?
    • April 22
  • DonnaWarner
    DonnaWarner Finally, book #2, Death's Footprint, in our crime thriller Blair & Piermont series as been published on Amazon in eBook.  Print to follow. Co-authored with award-winning mystery author, and ITW member, Gloria Ferris.

    ...  more
    • April 21
  • RandyRussell
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  • Meredith Anthony
    Meredith Anthony My new thriller, HELLMOUTH is coming out in May! Hellmouth (9781524672911): Meredith Anthony: Books
    • April 16
  • Meredith Anthony
    Meredith Anthony has added a new profile photo.
    • April 16
  • LeonardusGRougoor
    LeonardusGRougoor If you have the time, can you please type in, "Youtube Justice and how to get it, Leonardus G. Rougor." If you would give it a LIKE and SHARE it, I would be so appreciative. Thank you, Leonardus
    • April 15
  • LeonardusGRougoor
    LeonardusGRougoor Waiting in the Shadows, released in Dec. 2016, has received 5 star reviews on Amazon.Waiting in the Shadows is a trilogy about the journey of a young man  suffering many tragedies and after being let down by the system, decides it is left up to him to exa...  more
    • April 15
  • Karen Dionne
    Karen Dionne Publisher's Weekly gives THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER a starred review, and names it one of the summer's best books! 
    Best Summer Books, 2017 - Mystery : Publishers Weekly
    • April 15
  • loumacaluso
    loumacaluso I'm proud and honored to be a part of ITW. Looking forward to communications.
    • April 13
  • Melodiewinawer
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  • Rena Mason
    Rena MasonEric J Guignard: Hi, Eric! 
    • April 10
  • Rena Mason
    Rena MasonCaraBrookins: Hello, Cara. Thank you for the friend request.
    • April 10
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