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Today’s ITW member spotlight is Rhonda Roberts




About the author:

Rhonda agrees with Helen Keller that life is best viewed as a great adventure…

She grew up in Western Australia and spent her holidays rambling around the state, in particular the ghost towns left over from the Gold Rush. This was to be the start of her interest in time travel…

Rhonda has a PhD in Science, Technology and Society and was an academic for eleven years. She specialised in the formation of knowledge systems in different cultures and historical periods and performed fieldwork in Australia, the United States and in particular Japan, where she lived for three years.

One of her long-held dreams is to make a documentary about the old trade route that ran between the pueblo people of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico and the ancient empires of Central and South America.

She is very interested in martial arts and trained in Aikido for four years in Japan and Australia.

Rhonda lives in the Illawarra just south of Sydney with her husband. She loves bushwalking, playing with her two dogs and swimming in the ocean.

P.O. Box U104, Wollongong University, Wollongong, NSW 2500 Australia.



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